Group call #1: How do we collaborate? Processes and Protocols

During this call we will go through the 5 pillars of effective distributed collaboration and agree on how we will implement them in ways that work for the people present:

  • Vision & Mission
  • Communicating
  • Coordinating
  • Culture
  • Tools

We will start with a short presentation prepared by me followed by a discussion. And end with some decision-making.

Notes from the call:

Present in the call: Nico42, Oliver, @OmaMorkie, @Nadia

We agreed on…

  • Event on April 7: We organise a by-invitation-only event with the aim of drawing in potential funders for the work. Ideally as a daytime slot in the official UNDP event program.

    • @Olli and @OmaMorkie: will produce a) first draft of an op:ed article for sharing on Linkedin to introduce people to the topics and b) invitation text for the event
  • We commit to work to find resources:

    • @OmaMorkie: Will take charge of mapping Concrete (insitutional) funding opportunities.
    • @nadia: Will take charge of exploring startup funding.
    • @Olli : Perhaps can help with the storytelling around what this initiative is about so we can easily and engagingly explain it to others?
  • Technology Stack: We will use discourse and nextcloud, no chat for now…

    • Nico42: Takes responsibility for tech stack delivery. Will do mattermost/nextcloud technical installation. Will also select issue tracking solution (ideally a discourse plugin). Can you do a blogpost on the tech stack plans? (request from Nadia)
    • Oliver: Will help us produce a manual for effective and appropriate use of nextcloud for this group.
  • We will adopt the following way of working presented in this deck of slides


“there is no workplace, there is no worktime” - Nico

hi @Olli and @OmaMorkie do you see this message?

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hi @daniel it seems there is a bug here where the reply function on the platform or at least in this group and category is only visible to me

The weekly calls are violating the principle of “there is no worktime”. I also hate setting up doodles, sorry, PTSD from my ministry job.

Therefore, I’d suggest to switch to a scheduler. Here is mine, please give it a try! @nadia @nico42 @Olli

ok filled it in, is it supposed to go to inbox immediately or is there a delay?

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Ok how do you suggest we set up a weekly heartbeat? when a crew is new it’s easy for things and people to get lost before establishing a common rhythm.

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It is booked in my inbox already, but with a waiting sign for you.

Not sure where your end of the calender entry went. Probably email setup problem. Thanks for your patience while beta testing.

So trying to create an event first time. There should be an API for that later.

2022-03-21T23:00:00Z2022-03-21T23:00:00Z2022-03-22T08:05:00Z @nadia

Discussion Topic from my end: TORs for the 45k Prototype Fund Germany. Thinking along the lines General Goal: Integration Discourse - Nextcloud (=> Public Good, strengthens FOSS Ecosystem). Steps: “Needs Assessment with us” => List of Needs for software development. Goal: Solve at least one need.

Examples on my mind: Calendar Integration, embed playable videos & talk-windows, single logon, …?

Question of which German-Resident’s name we could put on that task though…?

(Deadline Germany is 1st of April, got to solve this quick)

Booked my appointment too (10am), but can’t figure out what might be the Email problem.