Setup online editing (Nextcloud hub, collabora, onlyoffice)

  • Allow people to work on documents online
  • With Nextcloud
  • Possibly with separate Collabora or OnlyOffice instance

Task 1: short eval of which one to use
Task 2: use docker/helm chart for setting it up
Task 3: document its usage

@Olli what were you talking about wrt to need for server?

Yes, thanks please do exactly that!

Impact Definition: Create a document that Olli and I can edit on the NC however.
Payment is Results Based, as usual :slight_smile:

Hey Guys, a little update: Our “provisional” Nextcloud is up and running. So far, I have only made a folder, shared it with @OmaMorkie and @nadia and put the Doc. from GDrive and the flyer draft in there. I need to get going now. More details to follow.

Edit: Link to Nextcloud thread

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