Generic School Stove MAIN

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As promised, here a “generic” carbon program using our approach based on the templates approach taken in Ghana. It will take quite some work and especially a lot of consultations to complete, but this should provide a good start.

Can you try to fill it in as far as you can for your countries?

It should come with an example with pictures etc. from the pilot stove installations you did, so the government representatives can see for themselves how it plays out. You will need to find references to national statistics on the number of students receiving meals, too.

MADD Green Schools Programm Generic.docx (82.1 KB)

Thank you Tim for this. Will try it out.

Thank you Tim am on that

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Once you are done adding info you can find in literature etc. the next step is to make a budget for the required consultations. I can then help bring that towards donors.