Keeping our house in order: Naming and placing files

Hi @OmaMorkie and @Olli the nextcloud is getting messy already with a lot of folders and filenames that make it difficult to intuitively see what content is in it.

So I suggest we:

  1. Standardise how we name files. We need to see what is in the file, but also who is the “owner” of the process so people know who to ask about it:

    • ClimateGains_Purpose_TypeOfDocument_AdditionalDescription.fileformat

    • Example: ClimateGains_Pitch_Script_Short_2022-03-16_Tim.txt

  2. Clean up what is there right now. Rename the current files, move them out of the folders, delete folders.

  3. Check before we change. Before a new folder is created, propose it in a post here in our workspace to ensure everyone is aligned.

Agree? If not please suggest something else.

Note: This format gets messy when you have living files that you open, edit and safe on a regular basis.

I did change the date after saving manually this time ( Video Script draft - #3 by OmaMorkie ), but… I’d suggest NOT to use date as part of filename going forward for all files. Date of last edit is in the meta data of the file already and Nextcloud keeps all previous versions.

Ok.suggest a file naming convention that you like?

The import thing is that we have one that we agree on and are disciplined about using

Exact same, just no date :slight_smile:

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Ok so like this @OmaMorkie and @Olli ?


Now you removed the _author part, too :slight_smile: Ehm, tbh, I don’t know and don’t have strong opinions. Author can also go to Metadata, or to filename, it doesn’t matter to me. I guess once you have more than one author metadata makes more sense.

Just found date annoying for non-finalized documents.